3 Holiday Gift Ideas for Magic the Gathering Fans

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3 Holiday Gift Ideas for Magic the Gathering Fans

We all know someone who is a fan of Magic the Gathering, the trading card game. Unfortunately, buying for them can be hard. The game is constantly changing with new releases and cards. It's also hard to know what they already have or what they need.

The good news is, most trading card games, like Magic the Gathering, age very well. In fact, many cards, especially the rare ones, increase in value with age. This can make them good investments.

These gift boxes augment any collection by adding card storage and gift-box exclusive collectables.

Khans of Tarkir Holiday Gift Box

A Holiday Gift Box is an easy and obvious choice for a gift this season. This attractive box holds 2000 cards and comes with 6 collectable card dividers for organization. The box also includes 4 booster packs with 15 cards in each. Booster packs can be exciting to open, because you'll never know exactly what you'll get.

Buy Khans of Tarkir Holiday Gift Box

Kaladesh Gift Box

Like other gift boxes, Kaladesh also includes a card storage box, 6 collectable illustrated providers, and 5 booster packs.

Buy the Kaladesh Gift Box or bolster their collection with a full Kaladesh Booster Box. Booster boxes include 36 booster packs for a total of 540 cards!

Shadows Over Innistrad Gift Box

Shadows of Innistrad is among the most popular series from the Magic the Gathering Trading Card Game, making this gift box a hot item. It too includes a storage box, 5 booster packs, 6 collectable dividers, stickers, and alternative art.

Buy Shadows of Innistrad Gift Box.

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