Social Inertia Games are now on Amazon

Social Inertia Games are now on Amazon

Social Inertia is now on the Amazon marketplace. Amazon is one of the most popular retailers for games, miniatures, collectibles, and more. We're proud to offer our inventory through their marketplace so that you get the purchasing experience that fits you best.

Items We Stock

Most of the items that we stock are now cross-listed at Amazon. You may buy from either marketplace and enjoy the same competitive price and the same FREE 2-day shipping (on orders over $50).

We also stock some items that can't be listed on Amazon due to publisher restrictions and other legal mumbo-jumbo. So remember to come back to Social Inertia when looking for your favorite games.

See the list of items we stock.

Order Fulfillment 

Some items we fulfill ourselves; some are fulfilled by Amazon. Same price, same free 2-day delivery. Unfortunately, Amazon fulfilled orders don't qualify for any freebies we are giving away.

Items We Don't Stock

Amazon beats us at a lot of things, including price and inventory. If we ever run out of inventory, or we can't complete on price, then we'll offer a referral link. Look for the "Buy on Amazon" buttons on some of our products.

When you buy on Amazon, you still enjoy all the wondrous benefits of buying from Amazon, but we get a referral percentage kickback. Everyone Wins!

Items Neither of Us Stock

It's crazy, but it can happen. If you've heard of something that you really want and neither of us carry it, then contact us. We'll do our very best to get.

Your Opinion Matters

The Amazon marketplace relies heavily on honest customer reviews. Every positive review helps us succeed and offer you even better options. If you are ever less than 100% elated, let us know so we can fix it and earn a 5-star review.