Ascension: Storm of Souls

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Samael is dead, but a storm is still raging across Vigil. Ascension: Storm of Souls takes players into the chaos following the Fallen One's demise. As Samael's monsters run wild and his minions conspire, the world is being slowly overtaken with souls that should have moved on. Are you ready for the new challenges that Vigil's future holds?

Ascension: Storm of Souls is the first full-sized expansion for the hit deck-building game from Gary Games. The 200-card set features tons of new cards and mechanisms, in addition to a new Event card type. This is a complete game for 1-4 players that's playable on its own or in combination with other Ascension games. Combine this with other Ascension games to play with up to six players!

Ascension Story and Lore

Enter the World of Virgil and recruit heroes and constructs from four divine factions: The Enlightened, The Mechana, The Void, and the Lifebound. Read More

How To Play

Each player starts with a 10-card deck and continually builds their deck as they defeat monsters. The game is over when there are no more honor tokens on the table. Player with the most wins. Read More

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