Magic the Gathering: Duel Decks "Merfolk vs Goblins"

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A New Rivalry Between Old Powers

Duel Decks create an immediate atmosphere of rivalry out of the box. Ready to play right away, they challenge players to rely on skill and expertise alone to rise to victory. The latest iteration of this exciting form of Magic is Duel Decks: Merfolk vs. Goblins. Pitting two of the most iconic tribes in MTG lore against one another, this set let’s you take hold of the Merfolk (known for trickery and slippery play) or the Goblins (who focus more on speed and aggression). The deck comes with two 60-card decks built specifically for one-versus-one battle, plus two deck boxes, 10 creature tokens, two spindown life counters, a strategy insert, and a rules reference card.

About Merfolk vs Goblins

It's hard to think of two more iconic creature types in Magic than Goblins and Merfolk. (Except Turtles, obviously, but a Turtle Duel Deck would be way too powerful. The world isn't ready.) Both have been with us all the way since Limited Edition (Alpha), and have never really fallen off the radar even temporarily.

Shared history notwithstanding, these two tribes play very differently. They're not "black tea versus green tea" different—we're talking more like "a pack of angry chihuahuas versus a stately owl in a graduation cap" different.

Though they've appeared at least occasionally across all five of Magic's colors, the vast majority of Goblins are red, and they tend to exemplify red's focus on speed and heedless aggression. One Goblin left unchecked often leads to a Goblin army in a few short turns. They also aren't known for self-preservation, and have a nasty habit of exploding on opponents.

By contrast, Merfolk are tricky and slippery, and reside primarily in blue (although they, too, have technically appeared in every color). They don't generally race out of the gate quite as fast as Goblins, but can build an unstoppable advantage over a short time. With evasion, battlefield manipulation, and card advantage on their side, Merfolk have the tools to dominate the long game.


  • two 60-card decks
  • ten tokens
  • two deck boxes
  • strategy insert
  • Magic quick reference card
  • Two Spinddown life counters

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