About Us

Handsome FellowHi! I'm Jesse.

I'm a real person with a genuine love and enthusiasm for all kinds of games. For years I've dreamed of opening a board game store, but the barrier to entry is high and the success rate is low.

Social Inertia represents a baby step. It's an opportunity for me to build up a catalog of games, brand recognition, traction, and capital to eventually open a store proper.

Full disclaimer: when I say We, Us, Our, I mean you and me, and a thousand of my other friends. I'm not crazy, just inclusive. Have a seat at the table; you're welcome here.

Our Catalog

Our catalog includes games from many sources. Most of our inventory comes from industry trusted game suppliers, including Entertainment Earth Distribution, GTS Distribution, and Alliance Games. However, we also carry some indie kickstarter campaigns.

We personally select each game we are going to carry. If we wouldn't play it, we wouldn't recommend it. We participate heavily on community forums to discover what's hot, and provide feedback on what we love.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of products we'd love to carry, but can't because, frankly, we are a small shop. Big boy publishers may refuse to sell to us, or we may discover that we simply can't compete with large retail sites.

However, if you voice an interest in something, we will do our very best to hunt it down for you.

Pricing Strategy

Our goal is to provide you with great games at competitive prices, while still staying in the black. That's hard to do. Seriously, no one over here is making a living at this. :(

We rely heavily on good o'fashioned math for our prices, but also check many other retailers to determine what is 'competitive' and appropriate. 


"Social Inertia" is registered as a "doing business as" sole proprietorship of Jesse R Bethke in the states of South Dakota and Nevada. Originally founded in 2008 in South Dakota for the purposes of designing, developing, and managing websites, Social Inertia was re-registered in Nevada in 2014 as an Internet Retailer.

Jesse R Bethke has over a decade of experience as a consultant for various retailers, wholesalers, and third-party logistics providers. He specializes in logistics automation and reporting systems. He is also the chief operating officer of Smart Software Solutions.


Social Inertia maintains relationships with multiple suppliers, purchasing, and storing inventory in leased warehouses, and routing them to various marketing channels. These channels include Shopify, Amazon, Ebay, and others. We also generate content and creatives for marketing.


Social Inertia plans to continue building it's brand and expanding it's value.

Some day, when it appears Social Inertia can gracefully support rent, we'll open a physical store front. That would be nice. 

We are also exploring opportunities to provide augmented reality to the existing board game experience.