Amasser Dragons

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Amasser Dragons is a fantasy adventure game that allows you to become a dragon. As the dragon, your ultimate goal is to amass the largest treasure hoard to solidify your place as the most formidable dragon of all time. The other dragons will envy your success and try to stop you at every turn, while they try to amass their own treasure. Only greed, strategy, cunning, and ruthlessness will allow you to prevail and take what is rightfully yours as all others will bow before you.

Each dragon has its own strengths and weaknesses, along with their own preferred terrain, breathe weapon and special ability. The dragon will fly from its lair, encountering challenges, ranging from easy to extremely difficult. If a dragon chooses to fight an encounter tile, dice are rolled and if the dragon is successful it gets the gold that the encounter is worth. Dragon versus dragon combat is a possibility if you wish to test your strength against the others and gain additional rewards. Once all the encounter tiles have been removed from the playing area, the game ends and the dragon with the most gold wins.

There is a 110 card deck in the game that allows players do a variety of things. There are cards that can strengthen your dragon and there are cards that can hinder other dragon?s abilities (i.e. Attack Power, Speed and Carry). Additionally, there are cards that have the ability to manipulate game play of your choosing.

The playing area is modular and customizable depending on the amount of players and the size of game you wish to play. Recommendations are included in the rules, but you make each game as big or small as you like. While gathering gold is the main objective of the game, the underlying intent is to bring friends and family together to have fun.

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