Folklore: The Affliction - Dark Tales Expansion

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The Dark Tales expansion contains nine more stories, featuring new systems for dungeon exploration and open-world adventure. Play as one of six new archetypes, or continue your campaign with your existing characters from the Folklore: The Affliction core game. Be prepared: your quest in The Dark Tales expansion will take you to the heart of evil plaguing Kremel. You'll need to gather your companions, train new abilities, and uncover powerful artifacts to strike back against the shadows seeping throughout the realm.


  • Extend your campaign with nine new full-length stories - over 18 hours of replayable content
  • Go looking for trouble with Rumor Cards: 22 free-play adventures throughout the land
  • Explore the dark with new Dungeon Crawl Exploration scenarios
  • Six new characters to choose from: the Butcher, Courtesan, Illusionist, Scientist, Slayer, and Woodsman
  • New abilities, artifacts, afflictions, creatures, companions, maps, monsters, and items!


  • 1 Book
  • 6 Booklets
  • 142 Cards (20 Jumbo, 90 Mini, 32 Poker)
  • 24 Double-sided Maps
  • 72 Standees


  • 1-5 Players
  • 60-90 Minutes
  • Ages 14+

This copy of Folklore: The Affliction - Dark Tales Expansion is a second edition printing. It is an expansion that requires the base game, Folklore: The Affliction to play.


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