Magic the Gathering: 2019 Core Set (Booster Box)

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Reviving the Battle Between 2 Epic Dragons

With Magic the Gathering’s Core Set 2019, Wizards of the Coast is reviving the Magic Origins series that was discontinued in 2015. And with the revival comes some serious firepower to elevate your game. A mix of new and reprinted cards, Core 2019 focuses on the formidable Elder Dragon Nicol Bolas and his conflict with Ugin, another powerful dragon responsible for the elemental dragon storms that once raged through the plane. Comprising 280 cards, the set features a Transforming Legend: a double-faced mythic creature (NIcol Bolas) that transforms into a planeswalker when its spark is ignited. Positioned as an introductory booster, Core 2019 promises an action-packed entry into the multiverse for new players and a continuation of chaos for those who’ve been playing for years.

Booster Box

A Booster Box contains 36 packs of 15 cards each with randomly inserted rare and powerful cards to bolster your collection. Whether you are drafting with friends, finding the latest creatures for your existing decks, or building and curating a collection, every Booster Box gives you 36 chances to experience that new pack smell while you scour the land for the most potent sorceries.

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