Magic the Gathering: Battlebond (Booster Box)


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Team Up & Hunker Down With MTG’s Latest Set

Battlebond introduces a new format for MTG in which players battle in pairs. The latest “draft innovation” set, it’s designed for Two-Headed-Giant play. For this new style of play, the folks at MTG have taken us to a brand-new world known as Kylem, where two-on-two combat is the pinnacle of sport in the arena of Valor’s Reach. In the arena, it’s not enough just to defeat your enemy: You must wow the crowd in the process with style and flair. Because gameplay is duo-focused, Battlebond is a great way to get a new player involved, and an even better way to team up with old friends. 

Booster Box

A Booster Box contains 36 packs of 15 cards each with randomly inserted rare and powerful cards to bolster your collection. Whether you are drafting with friends, finding the latest creatures for your existing decks, or building and curating a collection, every Booster Box gives you 36 chances to experience that new pack smell while you scour the land for the most potent sorceries.

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