Mega Man TCG - Power Up Booster Box


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Megaman TCG Booster Box

Every Mega Man NT Warrior TCG Booster Box includes 10 booster packs with 24 cards per pack. That's 240 cards to power up your game play!

Mega Man NT Warrior Trading Card Game Gameplay

A deck is constructed out of one NeNavi and 59 cards of the player’s choosing. Dividing up between Resources, BattleChips, and Events, players build a deck that is often based around the two colors represented on their NetNavi card. Cards have certain requirements that need to be met to be played, i.e. resources or having a NetNavi on the field. Playing to the strengths of the deck and eliminating the competition is the ultimate goal. Damage is represented by discarding cards from the deck. The player who draws the last card in their deck loses.

Out Of Print

Megaman NT Warrior TCG is no longer in print; making these cards more rare and collectible than ever.

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