Magic the Gathering: Vampiric Bloodlust (Commander Deck)


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Tribal Command

One of the most popular casual multiplayer formats of Magic: the Gathering, Commander centers every deck around a legendary creature. For 2017, each deck is themed around a tribe from some of the most popular and intriguing tribes in the MTG universe. It also introduces eminence, an ability word that occurs on legendary creatures, giving them utility in the command zone and in the battlefield.

What's Inside?

Every 100-card Commander deck comes with four foils, one oversized Planeswalker Commander card and 15 previously unreleased cards. With 56 new cards total, all of which are legal in both Legacy and Vintage, you get a new array of creatures and sorceries that you can cherry-pick for your own tournament deck. Also included are double-sided tokens, deck storage boxes, and strategy and rules inserts.

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