Pathfinder RPG: Oathbound Bestiary

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Hail, stranger! Do you possess the will to lay your eyes upon your doom? Step inside, if you dare, and bear witness to the foulest compendium the Forge has to offer! From across the seven domains, beasts and horrors have been gathered, dissected, and brought into the light of day. From the battle tactics of the colossal Sand Strider to the mating habits of the lowly Death Moss, all the knowledge you need to keep your thread of life intact is here for the taking. Come experience the bloodthirsty rage of the Karnos and the twisted machinations of the Palethian, shudder at their skills, and study their weaknesses. Featuring over 200 distinct stat blocks, the Oathbound Bestiary is the official, Pathfinder-compatible monster compendium for Oathbound.

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